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Certified Welder

Location : Monroe, OH
Job Type : Temp/Contract
Start Date : 03/30/2019
End Date : 05/03/2019
Hours : Full Time
Travel : No
Relocation : No
Job Industry : Construction

Job Description :

Who We Are:

IMI is a leading provider of labour solutions and workforce management in the material handling sector. With 20 years in the industry, we have established ourselves in the industry by creating great relationships with both our employees and clients.

Our main goal is to provide hard working individuals with great jobs for some of the most progressive material handling companies in the world – if you can think of a company we’ve probably worked with them.

Not only has our company grown based on the great work our employees provide for our clients, but we are also always looking for innovative ways to make everyone’s job a little bit easier – whether that be through our developing artificial intelligence or what we offer our employees for their hard work.

We’re hoping you trust us with your career, as it’s just important to us as it is to you.

Who We’re Looking for:

IMI is looking for someone who’s self-motivated, and result-oriented for upcoming contracts as a Mechanical Conveyor Installer.

We’re hoping you are someone who is mechanically inclined, with a willingness to accept instruction and a variety of new tasks with a positive attitude and a comfortability of working at heights up to 30 feet. With that being said, we hope that most importantly, you have a high degree of safety awareness.

Required Qualifications :


You’ll Be Responsible For…

Now we are sure you know what your typical duties are as a Welder, but for our position, this is what your every-day responsibilities will look like.

-          Welding parts in various directions: flat, horizontal, vertical or overhead, etc.

-          Igniting flame or striking an arc while welding or performing other electricity-related work to weld part of a metal structure

-          Clamping, holding, tack-welding, heat-bending, bolting, or grinding spare parts as necessary to satisfy the technical requirements and create a welded final product

-          Operating other accessory equipment and performing some tasks necessary for welding metal, such as fusing metal segments, using gas tungsten arc, metal arc, flux-cored arc, plasma arc, and other types of welding arcs

-          Control the processes of fitting, burning and welding to avoid problems in relation to overheat, distortion, expansion or shrink of spare parts

-          Examining finish products and spare parts and comparing them with samples to check whether the specifications are met

-          Overseeing preparation and setting up necessary tools and equipment for welding jobs such as shielded metal arc, gas metal arc or other welding equipment.

Here’s a list of tools that will be helpful to you on the job…


-          Any or all Basic hand tools, and a tool box or bag

-          Tape Measure

-          2LB Small Sledge Hammer

-          Level (7-10 inch)

-          Band Cutters (tin snips)

-          3/8” Ratchet set with Standard Sockets ranging from 3/8” to 1” (deep well recommended)

-          Standard Wrench set

-          Set of Standard Allen Wrenches

-          Line Up Pin or Drift Pin (8 to 10 inches long)

-          Square (small carpenter one)

-          Chalk Box


Worksites can be dangerous, so to ensure your safety at all times, we require you always possess a hard hat, steel-toe boots, work gloves, safety vest, and work goggles.


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