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Automation Field Technician

Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Job Type : Direct
Start Date : 02/01/2020
Hours : Full Time
Travel : No
Relocation : No
Job Industry : Construction

Job Description :

Commissioning Technician - IMI Automation Group

IMI Automation Group - Commissioning Technician position description
Overview. The Industrial Automation Scanning System Team provides setup, deployment, testing and commissioning of reconfigured laser or image based scanning solutions into logistic facilities. These systems are provided by ID system manufacturers at the customer facilities throughout, but not limited to, North America. These systems will typically require installation and configuration support of the physical support structure, scanning hardware, lighting, wiring,
communication and programming but may include other elements.

Responsibilities & Duties
The Commissioning Technician reports directly to the IMI Technician Team Lead and functions as the mechanical, software configuration and provides the setup, commissioning and deployment for the installation project. Teams may require multiple Commissioning Technicians to deploy larger systems solutions or multiple systems. This position assembles the scanning system's frame, cameras (and mounting structure), lighting and wiring. Additionally, they will
mount system assemblies and other scanning products to the conveyor as dictated by manufacturer direction and or agreed upon scope of work. Also, the Commissioning Technician will configure the scanning systems software to successfully read required barcode and 2D matrix formats. This person is a part of an installation team and will also
assist where needed in all other aspects of the on-site scanning system commissioning process.

The Commissioning Technician is expected to:
1. Inventory and account for all on-site scanning system hardware as required by the Install Manager or as dictated
by the bill of materials.
2. Pre-assemble any sub-assemblies related to the scanning system (trigger sensors, cameras, etc.)
3. Build scanning system frames on-site and mount to conveyor as dictated by written or oral instructions.
4. Mount cameras and sub-assemblies to the scanning system frame.
5. Mount prebuilt electrical panels if required.
6. Wire cameras and other components via provided cables and instruction sets.
7. Secure cabling to scanning system frame for orderly presentation and protection.
8. Configure software, optimize reading function and debug system issues as needed, on site.
9. Conduct static, dynamic, golden part and stress testing as required and agreed to in the scope of work.
10. Communicate critical information and daily build status to Technician Team Lead on a daily basis.
11. Acts as technical expert in the commissioning areas of the install process.
12. Assist other team member when primary functions are completed, regardless of area of expertise.
13. Responsible for identifying and reporting on-site issues related to the build and assembly of the mechanical
components and or commission-ability for the scanning system.
14. Assist with documenting and archiving all aspects of the installation process and final build.
15. Responsible for providing the best on-site customer experience possible.
16. Identifies individual training needs and process improvements needed in the execution of the mechanical and or commissioning aspect.

The installation teams are designed to have members with skills, or be trained, in a cross functional manner (supporting each other roles as needed). Each team is designed to be large enough to support the installation of multiple systems at a customer site in an most efficient 

manner as possible.


Travel Requirements

Travel is required for this position and may be for extended periods of two to three weeks in length. Shift splitting and 2nd or 3rd shift work may be required based on the customers line availability. Efforts will be made to control the timing and length of installation to provide adequate time at home. 


System Training

The Commissioning Technician will go through paid system training (at locations identified by manufactures) to qualify and become certified for system installation and commissioning per the manufacturers recommendations. Part of the training will be PC based. All tools and a computer will be provided to the Commissioning Technician by IMI at the time of training.

Required Qualifications :

Additional Job Details:

-          Work Location: Grand Rapids, MI

-          Permanent/ Full-time Opportunity: Yes

-          Benefits Offered: Health insurance, Dental insurance, other types of insurance

-          Travel Requirement: Moderate

-          Training Provided: Yes

-          Pay Frequency: Weekly



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